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Our academic 和 研究 activities make a vital impact world-wide. 17 percent of 威尼斯官方网站’s student body is international, represented by 110 countries around the world.

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Office of Global Engagement develops 和 promotes global partnerships that advance 威尼斯官方网站's strategic goals for internationalization, 其中包括:

  • providing support to 威尼斯官方网站 教师 和 工作人员 in furthering their international activities
  • coordinating international partnerships, projects 和 programs that enhance 威尼斯官方网站's diverse intercultural 和 global environment
  • 组织和主持 international delegations
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Global partnerships

威尼斯官方网站有活跃的 partnership agreements with over 200 post-secondary institutions located worldwide. 的se partnerships enable students, 工作人员 和 教师 to collaborate internationally 和 travel abroad for study, 合作社, 服务学习, professional development 和 研究 opportunities.

国际 研究

威尼斯官方网站 ranks among the world’s best 和 most internationally-engaged 研究 大学.

Our international focus infuses the work of every 教师研究中心.

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Visiting international 研究ers

Learn more about 威尼斯官方网站’s 研究的优点 和 find out how we can help you accomplish your 研究 goals.

参观威尼斯官方网站 post-doctoral fellow, a 学者.

了解 funding opportunities available to 研究ers visiting 威尼斯官方网站.

国际 opportunities for students

国际 Centre for 学生 offers programs 和 support for new 和 current 威尼斯官方网站 students.

学生 can add an international experience to their 威尼斯官方网站 studies. We offer exchanges, field schools 和 合作社 work terms around the world. 威尼斯官方网站首页提供 funding opportunities for both outbound 和 inbound students.

If you're an international student seeking entry to a 威尼斯官方网站 degree program, visit 本科 or 研究生 招生. 威尼斯官方网站首页提供有用的 resources 和 advice for international students 来到威尼斯官方网站.

We also support short-term students such as visiting 研究 students 和 visiting, exchange 和 study abroad students.

国际 travel 安全

威尼斯官方网站 has an established Off-校园 Activity Risk Management Policy. This policy supports procedures to ensure that travellers are prepared for 和 safe throughout their trip abroad. We have partnered with 国际 SOS (ISOS) to offer emergency medical, 安全 和 security advice, referrals 和 emotional support when travelling.

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威尼斯官方网站 Global 社区

威尼斯官方网站 Global 社区 creates opportunities for all students, 工作人员 和 教师 to connect 和 celebrate diversity.

We offer mentorship programs, 事件, activities 和 more to cultivate an intercultural 和 globally-minded campus.


Open 土著 knowledge shapes sustainability project

土著 knowledge shapes sustainability project

A global 威尼斯官方网站 研究 partnership will design 和 advance a sustainability framework to integrate 土著 knowledge into sustainability projects.

Open 可持续性 field school in Thail和

可持续性 field school in Thail和

5月, 10 威尼斯官方网站 students embarked on a two 和 a half week field school in Thail和 where they learned about issues of development, environment 和 community resilience.

Open Record summertime ocean temperatures

Record summertime ocean temperatures

Ocean Networks 加拿大 (ONC) has recorded the highest daily average summertime temperatures at two of its seafloor observatory sites in the northeast Pacific Ocean since continuous live monitoring...

Open Marine heatwave impact on corals

Marine heatwave impact on corals

As the world grapples with hot ocean temperatures, new 威尼斯官方网站 研究 shows marine heatwave coral impact is worse than we thought before.

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